Black Diamond Adhesive

Black Diamond Adhesive


The Lash & Glow Black Diamond Adhesive is a high performing adhesive with low fumes. It offers: 

  • Minimum fumes 

  • Latex and formaldehyde free 

  • 4-5 week retention 

  • 3-4 second drying time 

Intended for: Experienced lashers, classic or volume technique  

Ideal Temperature: 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit  
Ideal Humidity Level: 40-60% RH (Relative humidity) 

Black Diamond Adhesive is meant to be used minimally.  

You will get the best results from your adhesive if you dip the extension into the top of the adhesive bubble without breaking the bubble.  Do not drag the adhesive out of the bubble as this will shorten the amount of time you have to work with the adhesive because you will have spread it out on your tile and it will become compromised quicker. Shake bottle for 1 minute prior to using.  

·         If the eyelash extension slides in any direction, you have too much adhesive.  It is best to use a tiny ball of adhesive on the base of the lash after you have dipped it, so you can use that ball to shimmy on the natural lash. 

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