Crystal Adhesive

Crystal Adhesive


The Lash & Glow Crystal Adhesive is a high performing adhesive with minimum fumes for clients with moderate sensitivities. It offers: 

  • Minimum fumes 

  • Latex and formaldehyde free 

  • 3-4 week retention 

  • 4-5 second drying time 

Intended for: Novice lashers, classic or volume technique  
Ideal Temperature: 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit  
Ideal Humidity Level: 40-60% RH (Relative humidity) 

Crystal Adhesive is meant to be used minimally. 

Same method as the Black Diamond but you can use a tiny bit more Crystal Adhesive and not worry so much about wiping off excess adhesive.   Shake bottle for 1 minute prior to using. 

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